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Our System

Our Innovative Automotive Paint System

The Altracolor paint and vehicle cosmetic repair system truly cannot be beaten. With its affordability, easy operation, and portability, your customers won't only be impressed with their finished product, you'll be ecstatic at the money it saves and makes as well.

Newly Painted Red Car

The Specifics

Our system is extremely transportable and is designed to operate in either a static or mobile location. With the ability to tailor the contents of the system to your specific needs, this adaptability is just one of the exciting new features Altracolor brings to the table. It also has a new designed focused for fast and easy touch-ups on almost every vehicle out there.

Handing over Car Keys

The System

The system can be applied to a variety of automobiles and can be implemented the same day you receive it. Our user-friendly system is incredibly easy to learn in a single day by taking advantage of our one-on-one training at our location or yours or by watching our training DVD that is included. Call us today to receive your complete system and start earning more money now.

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