Business Opportunities

Low Cost Home Based Business

If you have been looking for a business to invest in, either part-time or full-time, Altracolor Systems may be the perfect opportunity for you.

The Altracolor Systems Touch-up Cabinet can be installed in a variety of vehicles and be operational the same day you receive it. The user friendly system is incredibly easy to learn in a single day by taking advantage of our one on one training or by watching our training DVD. With its low up-front cost and extremely low ongoing material cost, it is a profit intensive enterprise.

New and Used car dealers all across the country have been using touch-up companies like Altracolor for years. It is a service that they have to have to remain competitive. It has been our experience that for every 10 vehicles that come through the average used car operation, 7 of them will need a touch-up! In a dealership that sells 100 used cars a month, they have to replace 100 cars a month. That means approximately 70 cars on that dealership will need a touch-up! At an average cost to the Dealer of $50.00 per vehicle, those 70 touch-ups are worth $3500.00!

With Altracolor Systems, your average cost per touch-up performed is around $1! That means you will be putting $49.00 in your pocket for every car you touch-up. Once you become familiar with the process, the average touch-up only takes about 30 minutes. So if you do 2 per hour, the dollars add up very quickly!

The return on investment is outstanding and immediate!