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Since 1988, automobile dealers across the United States have enjoyed Altracolor system technology and have seen profits grow because of the efficient, highly effective, low-cost benefits of our paint touch-up technology. Now, with a completely redesigned, simplified set-up that's more user-friendly than ever, Altracolor systems is "The Advantage" that automobile dealers, car washes, oil change facilities, and entrepreneurs truly deserve. It is:

• Efficient • Low Cost • Portable • Includes Simple Set-up
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Receive a Competitive Edge

How many times have you needed a touch up done in order to deliver a car, but your automotive paint vendor is unreachable or has to schedule services for another time? With our system installed at your facility, this will never happen again. You'll be able to apply paint touch ups locally at your facility, saving both you and your customer valuable time.

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User Friendly

Our straightforward system can be up and operating in a just single day. We can train anyone to use our system to do transforming touch-ups that will remove buyer objections and add money to your front end gross. There is no mixing and matching, and every paint you will need is pre-packaged and ready to use.

Custom Color Content

Altracolor Systems can be tailored to fit your needs and the makes and models of the vehicles you see most. If you are an independent used car dealer, our base system has over 500 paints that will match by color code to the specific vehicles you need.

If you are a new-car franchise dealer of any make, we can fine tune the system that you receive to contain comprehensive coverage of your dealerships' makes and models. This also includes excellent coverage of all of the vehicles that you might encounter.

The Advantage

If you are tired of paying your touch-up vendor $45.00 to $60.00 or more for each service, or if you're not happy with the end product, it's time to take control of your touch-up services. Depending on your dealership's volume, the Altracolor system can save thousands of dollars over the course of a year and pay for itself in the first 90 days.

Add a Profit Center to Your Dealership

For new car franchise car dealers, our system is a perfect opportunity to amplify your service department profits. You can offer a paint touch-up with every oil change or basic service that your dealership handles. If there is such a thing as a "can't miss opportunity," this is it.

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